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Changes to the Musculo-Skeletal Sytem

During pregancy, women may put on between 30-40lbs. Although this weight gain is normal, it can often cause problems with posture, which can have a knock on effect on nerves, muscles and joint mobility. As the majority of extra weight distributes around the abdominal area, it can cause the centre of gravity to shift forward. The body compensates for this by exaggerating the natural curve of the spine, especially in the lower back region. In addition, the hips may also expand to help stabilise the body, inturn putting pressure on the pelvic joint. Due to these changes, muscles can stretch and may become sore and tense.

How Prenatal Massage Can Help

Massage during pregnancy is a wonderful experience. It help the client relax, supports her body during a period of many physiological changes and helps to prepare the whole body for birth. Soft tissue massage therapy will help pregnant women and new mothers to release the physical and emotional changes and stresses during their pregnancy and in post-partum.

How Does Baby Benefit from Massage

Massage is soothing for the baby whilst in utero. Research has shown that the unborn baby can be affected by the stress levels experienced by its mother. Massage has an indirect relaxing effect on the baby as the mother releases positive hormones called oxytocin and prolactin as a result of skin stimulation. Generally, the more relaxed a mother feels during pregnancy, the more relaxed her pregnancy and birth is likely to be.

Contraindications to Prenatal Massage

In most cases, pregnancy massage can be received safely, however there are circumstances where it is not appropriate to receive a massage:

  • Pre-eclampsia

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Contagious illness

  • Morning sickness

  • Fever

  • Abdominal pain

  • Malignant conditions

  • Reduction in foetal movement

  • Fainting or dizziness

Please note, if you have a high-risk pregnancy, we must exercise caution and you will be asked to obtain consent from your GP and midwife in order to receive a prenatal massage.


30 mins - £40

45 mins - £55

*Please note, there is a 24-hour cancellation and missed appointment fee of £25.

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