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Dimple is an outstanding osteopath that really takes her time in getting to know exactly what the nature of your problem is and then, with vigour and enthusiasm, works with you to alleviate the pains and to 'mend' the problem areas. From the very first appointment with her, my back and leg pain decreased dramatically and my mobility was substantially increased almost immediately. I am now taking the dog for walks again, going shopping, mowing the grass etc and doing all the things that I couldn't do before. I really can't recommend her highly enough!

Michelle McKay

Amazing osteopath, has helped me before, during and after pregnancy. I cannot recommend this place enough. They also use acupuncture which I find very beneficial.

J Coyle

Dimple was recommended by a family relative. I was in excrutiating pain and needed urgent treatment. I cannot thank her enough for the brilliant job she had done. She is amazing and would recommend her to anyone.

Heena Patel

Dimple is an excellent Osteopath. She is very adept at finding knotted muscles and working on them in a skilled and concentrated way to ease pain and discomfort. I would definitely recommend her. Very skilful and professional.

Bob Harper

After only 4 sessions my painful hip is “up & running” once again. Thank you Dimple for the very professional & amazing service (& your magic thrown in!). I would recommend DB Osteopathy to anyone who needs some help.

Suzie Bailey

Amazing,the best thing I have ever done for my back is going to DB Osteopathy. Thank you so much Dimple, my back pain is all gone , now I can work withpour pain, and ride my bike without pins and needles. Thanks again!

Faton Zeka

I started going to the clinic around 4 months ago, to treat my upper and lower back issues. I have noticed a significant difference in my motion in the area. I can't thank Dimple enough, she is so professional and takes into account other areas of the body for the factors that could be causing you pain that you wouldn't otherwise think of. I would highly recommend coming here!

Gurpreet K

I have been a client for a while now but recently went to Dimple with severe back pain. She pinpointed the problem straight away. I only had one session and I was up and running again. She is extremely professional, courteous and puts you at ease straight away. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I highly recommend her.

Claire O'Sullivan

Dimple is an excellent practitioner - knowledgeable, patient, polite, helpful - a real pleasure to work with.

Karina Al-Mohsin

Dimple was absolutely amazing when I strained my hip area. I was unable to walk long distance, run or do any of my usual cardio workouts. Dimple, however, has healed me now and I am able to go back to normality. She knew exactly where the problem was and how to treat it. The stretches and advice she gave me really helped. I would definitely recommend Dimple, she is a brilliant osteopath!

M Patel

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